Sunday, May 13, 2007


For no important reason I have a site metre at the bottom of this blog. I guess the real reason is so that I can know how many people are reading this and where they come from. Also, it's boosts my ego.

At 2:34 pm, May 13, 2007, I received my 10,000 th visitor. And it's not like I was visiting the site myself to inflate the numbers, this was a legitimate visitor all the way from Harare, Zimbabwe! I imagine it was one of two people that I know in Harare.

Thanks for visiting John or Rochelle!


Kelly said...

Hi, Nick! This new blip on your stat counter is Kelly in Waterloo who is probably going to be moving to Windsor this year. It's pretty scary moving to a new town and I hope I can find kindred spirits there soon after moving.

Cliff Tam said...


Just added you on facebook :)