Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Old Time Photos

Check out my Flickr page. I've started a set with old family photos.

It's in her genes

Darcy is definitely a Titcombe.

First she loves Cheerios. Not a trait that is unique to the name, true. But only one of her parents enjoys them and that's the Titcombe side. Secondly, she's rapidly becoming quite the little cheese snob. We started her on shredded Mozza, but that was too messy, so we went to cubes. She has since moved on to Mild Cheddar. She can't get enough of it! She's like a hamster the way she crams it into her cheeks. Third, she likes salmon. Whenever we introduce a new food she make a weird face and then spits it out. On her first try of salmon she made the face, but kept the food in. Then she had more.

Lastly, she's a swimmer. We already knew that she loved her kiddy pool. But Saturday, at the lake, I took her in and she couldn't get enough. Have I mentioned that the water was cold? That didn't deter her, she gets that from me I think.

No doubt about where her genes came from.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Swim

I got LASIK done last September. Mostly because I hated wearing glasses anymore and couldn't stand contacts for very long. I knew that I would be more likely to be active, not having to worry about seeing what I was doing anymore. That has definitely been the case.

So I went swimming yesterday, with my goggles, because now I need to protect my eyes. It was a cold murky lake, weeds grabbing at my legs; the perfect environment. There weren't any distance marker, but I figure I went about forty metres, there and back, twice. About 160m total. But it was hard, even with goggles I still couldn't see anything. In the six weeks I have left I'm going to have to put a serious effort into finding time to get some lane swimming in.

I'm not expecting to win the event, or my age group. But, I don't want to do side-stroke for 700 out of 800m!

My goal for the triathlon is about 1:45, but if the swim goes bad I can see 2 hours. That would be brutal.

Friday, June 24, 2005

A brick

In the triathlon world there is workout that is called a 'Brick'. It is where you go for a bike ride (like home from work for me) and then immediately go for a run at the end of the ride.

I try to do one a week and I knew right away why they are called bricks. It has nothing to do with building your exercise one on top of the other. No, it's called a brick BECAUSE THAT"S WHAT YOUR LEGS FEEL LIKE!

The craziest part about it is that once you fight through the first km or mile of the run your legs actually start to feel better. I did a brick yesterday. It was same usual fight through the first mile of the run, but then I felt better. My run is slower coming off the bike, but that's to be expected.

Six weeks of training left, plus race week. Maybe I should start swimming a bit?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Open for business

Well, I've been inspired by my two older siblings, Stef and Eric, to give this a shot. I played around with some links and settings. I'm pretty sure that I won't change the world with my cutting edge style or witty commentary, but hey, it's fun.

Right now I'm training for the Windsor Triathlon. It will be my first triathlon. On a good week I do almost 90km in training. Once I reach my goal for training, I should be close to 100km per week. Most of that comes from riding my bike to and from work almost everyday. I feel fit and my belt keeps getting pulled tighter, so something must be working!