Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's in her genes

Darcy is definitely a Titcombe.

First she loves Cheerios. Not a trait that is unique to the name, true. But only one of her parents enjoys them and that's the Titcombe side. Secondly, she's rapidly becoming quite the little cheese snob. We started her on shredded Mozza, but that was too messy, so we went to cubes. She has since moved on to Mild Cheddar. She can't get enough of it! She's like a hamster the way she crams it into her cheeks. Third, she likes salmon. Whenever we introduce a new food she make a weird face and then spits it out. On her first try of salmon she made the face, but kept the food in. Then she had more.

Lastly, she's a swimmer. We already knew that she loved her kiddy pool. But Saturday, at the lake, I took her in and she couldn't get enough. Have I mentioned that the water was cold? That didn't deter her, she gets that from me I think.

No doubt about where her genes came from.

1 comment:

Darcy's Mama said...

Thankfully she gets her ticklishness from her mother. Oh yeah, and her cute nose.