Friday, August 31, 2007

Flickr Pro

Thank you Stef for getting us hooked up with a Flickr Pro account. Now we can (and will) upload all our Darcy and Wesley pictures to Flickr for easy viewing.

You can find our picture here.

Or click the link I've added on the sidebar.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Running again

I ran today! Only 88 days off. My sister is here for two weeks and wanted to see how running would go for her. So since I wanted to get back into it, starting back up with someone who doesn't run much is a good way to keep myself in check.

We did four 5 minute run, 1 minute walk sets. The distance ended up being 3.9km, not as important as actually getting out there and doing it again. Not going to lie, my legs felt beat a couple of hours later. But I'm back and on the way to going long again.

More of "Wes-man"

Darcy has taken to calling Wesley, "Wes-man" or Happy dude. More pics:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can't keep up

I am overwhelmed at how many people have sent their best wishes these last six weeks. It is impossible to thank everyone, I've tried and I can't keep up. Most of it is thanks to facebook, but my hits on this blog have been through the roof since Sue went into hospital. What some people won't do for ratings, I know.

Sue and Wesley are home. He's sleeping on my lap as I type. Sue is sleeping in her own bed and Darcy is supposed to be taking a nap, but is too excited about having her brother home. She is really being a good sister and sings to him when he's crying. So far it's worked to calm him down a couple of times.

Now what you've all been waiting for, more pictures.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Much ado about nothing

Well after 5 weeks and six days in the hospital, we have our baby boy! He and Mom are fine. No problems, no worries, eating well already, alert and looking around for the first two hours. He doesn't have to go to the NICU, he is perfectly healthy.

It a little while to get things going, but once things kicked in, it was pretty quick. They didn't get the induction started until almost 11am and it was about 6pm before things were moving.

He was born at 8:21pm, weighing in at 5lb, 14 oz (only 4 oz less than Darcy). I don't know his length.

Please let me introduce my son, Wesley Albert Titcombe. Oh and his mom is in some the pictures too.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Last day

Today is the last day Darcy will be an only child. We hope. Sue's induction will be starting at 7 am tomorrow morning, I'm hopeful that everything is said and done before noon. I'm sure she's hoping for that as well...

You'll understand if there aren't a lot of updates in the next few days. I can only imagine how busy we'll be. I will list the birth details and hopefully a picture, but probably not much more than that.

Friday, August 17, 2007

More pics

Here's some more pictures. I can't be bothered to write anything and I'm sure you all find these far more intesting than my stories.

This is how I found her, 11:00pm.

Swimming anyone?

New tool belt. Hang out with Dad for 5 weeks

and these are the toys she ends up asking for.

"If I had a hammer..."

Cool spider web outside kitchen window.

Note: 5 meals ready to go.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Totally Useless Dr. Appointment

Yesterday I wasted the entire afternoon at the hospital, supposedly to see a specialist about my stress fracture. How to manage it, how to get it back to strength, blah, blah, blah. So I went, got x-rayed (you feel pretty stupid walking into the x-ray room for your broken leg) and then waited for the specialist.

His questions to me were, "Who sent you here and why are you here?"

Turns out my doc didn't forward any of the previous two x-ray's or the bone scan. So the specialist didn't have any info to go on. He also said that I should have been referred to his office, not the clinic. Then he told me everything I already knew about stress fractures and suggested that rest is the best way to get it better. Duh.

So I've decided that as long as there is no pain, I will start running again before labor day. I will start from scratch, using the run/walk method and I won't be in a hurry to get back to where I was. No races this fall, just rehab. Hopefully I can get strong through the winter and go injury free next summer.

Time apart

Sue joked the other day that it seems like we've spent more time apart in the last year then together. So I did a little math and she is right. We've spent more nights apart then we have in the same house. How?

Going from Aug 21/06 to Aug 21/07:
79 nights Nick was away at training.
57 midnight shifts.
42 nights Sue will be in the hospital.
8 nights Nick was away on trips.
186 nights apart.

That leaves 179 nights together through the last year. That will change in the next little while because once baby#2 arrives I'll be off work for 14 weeks!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some Pics

Here's a few pictures from the last few days of being an only child. The induction date has been set for next Tuesday. For some reason, I still think it'll be put off a few days. Either way, only a week left. Good, I'm beat. Nothing like a new baby to help me get some good rest.

Oh wait.

New dress from Grandmaman.

Orange Smile.

P O P S C I C L E .

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A week already

Somehow my first week alone has already gone by. Needless to say, it was a little busy.

I got Darcy moved into her "big sister room" on Friday and she's been sleeping in there ever since and loving it. As with every other transition she's been through, this was a piece of cake. The room has been painted, new blind, new ceiling fan, new carpet and her bed with new bedding was moved in. She was asking to move in sooner, but it wasn't going to happen.

This week I've got a few people watching her when I work and so far it's been perfect. She's had her naps and eaten well. Another perfect transition. Hopefully when little brother comes home it goes as smoothly.

Sue had another ultra sound with measurements today. The weight was up, 4lb 15oz. Not quite enough to make Sue happy, but the doctor and nurses are impressed. The fluid, which had been up to almost normal levels, was down again. I don't know why this happens, but I'm pretty sure the fluctuation will mean that she's not coming home until #2 is born.

The doctor is hoping to induce sometime after 38 weeks (another two weeks). So it's possible for the baby to still gain some weight.

It's another hot day in Windsor. Even with the rain it's 28C, add the humidity and it's 41C! I wish I could get out and enjoy it, but I'm stuck being a parent.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Single Parent

So while I was away training for my job, Sue got the privilege of being a single parent for 3 months. Now she's returning the favor to me, but only for about 3 weeks. Sue's mom leaves tonight and from now until about the 18th, it's just me and Darcy at home. Because once Sue & baby #2 come home I'll be able to get lots of rest...

I'll admit, I'm burnt out. Spent. Done. Darcy is doing ok, but we're both a little on edge, so when either one of us get frustrated things boil over quicker than usual. Part of the burn out has come from flying between work, home and hospital on any given day. Fortunately, I have more days off then days on coming up. So I should be less stressed out. Should.

Another part of being stressed out is that I have done NO exercise in the past 20 days. And for someone who is used to missing one day a week, to go this long without any is tough. So I think D & I will bike over to visit Sue in the mornings, it won't make a huge difference physically for me, but I think it will help mentally.

I can only hope.