Thursday, August 16, 2007

Time apart

Sue joked the other day that it seems like we've spent more time apart in the last year then together. So I did a little math and she is right. We've spent more nights apart then we have in the same house. How?

Going from Aug 21/06 to Aug 21/07:
79 nights Nick was away at training.
57 midnight shifts.
42 nights Sue will be in the hospital.
8 nights Nick was away on trips.
186 nights apart.

That leaves 179 nights together through the last year. That will change in the next little while because once baby#2 arrives I'll be off work for 14 weeks!


Stef said...

Hm. Guess that means your bike totals will be going up faster than mine. Even if I am close to 700k now ...

Lynn said...

Wow! I knew you've been apart a lot lately, but I didn't realize it was more then you were together.

I kind of forgot about midnight shifts too.