Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Single Parent

So while I was away training for my job, Sue got the privilege of being a single parent for 3 months. Now she's returning the favor to me, but only for about 3 weeks. Sue's mom leaves tonight and from now until about the 18th, it's just me and Darcy at home. Because once Sue & baby #2 come home I'll be able to get lots of rest...

I'll admit, I'm burnt out. Spent. Done. Darcy is doing ok, but we're both a little on edge, so when either one of us get frustrated things boil over quicker than usual. Part of the burn out has come from flying between work, home and hospital on any given day. Fortunately, I have more days off then days on coming up. So I should be less stressed out. Should.

Another part of being stressed out is that I have done NO exercise in the past 20 days. And for someone who is used to missing one day a week, to go this long without any is tough. So I think D & I will bike over to visit Sue in the mornings, it won't make a huge difference physically for me, but I think it will help mentally.

I can only hope.


Stef said...

Want me to make you feel worse?

I'm beating you on the bike totals! I'm up to 519km as of this morning and have Friday off to clock up a few more ...

nickt said...

If it wasn't 43C here, I'd got out for an hour and re-take the lead.

I guess you only need to match the 300 km in running and we'll call it even.

My totals for this year are less than what I did in May & June of last year.