Friday, June 30, 2006

Officially Injured.

My leg was very sore this morning. I'm walking with a limp and using the stairs very awkwardly. It's official, I'm injured. I've told myself that I won't run again until at least next Saturday, 10 days between runs. I biked to and from work as usual and that felt 100% normal. So my plan is to go for rides where I would have gone for runs.


Thursday, June 29, 2006


I had some track work to do tonight, 4 x 800. This is definitely my favorite distance, but usually four repeats is not quite enough to make me feel like I really worked hard. Tonight was going great until I started the last repeat. I pushed off hard with my left leg and felt the Achilles tweak. It hurt a bit, but in a testosterone enhanced state, I figured I could finish the 800 metres. After all, there were only about 798 more to go.

It wasn't too bad, but I could barely run for my cool down. I could tell that I was noticeably limping. I've done some good stretching and iced it. We'll see how it is in the morning, I may have to adjust my weekend run if it's still too tender.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Some stuff

I haven't much to write about lately and even if I did, I've had even less time in which to write. I thought summers were supposed to go at a slower pace then the rest of the year...

Part of it is that Darcy is going to bed later (which is nice, because we can play longer), part of it is me training for a 1/2 marathon and 2 triathlons and part of it is just wanting to be outside during the beautiful weather. It's been amazing here. Really warm during the days and then cooling off nicely at night. Perfect weather.

I've already run farther this year then I did all of last year.

I've got all my certifications done. So I'm officially waiting for the call to get trained (13 weeks away from the family) for a new job. Although I could be waiting for up to two years. But my part is done, all I can do is wait.

Oh, and one other thing. Chris Pronger, thank you for helping get the Oilers to game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. I do appreciate that even though you consistently took stupid penalties, you did have a role in shutting down some big stars. However, losing in game 7 and your request for a trade only further proves that you are still an oversized useless oaf.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ironman Coeur d’Alene

Tomorrow is the Ironman Coeur d'Alene. Almost 2500 people will brave the cold water (16C) for 2.4 miles, then ride through hills for 112 miles, just so they can be sufficiently warmed up to run a marathon.

Shelley is competing in what will be number five or six for her. Crazy.

Ironman has a very cool system for race day. You can track athletes as they progress throughout the day. It's a very handy system, especially when it takes over 12+ hours for the 'average' person to finish.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Moon in June - 10km race report

My goal going in was to beat my PR (43:46), I knew that was a lofty goal, but this was an "A" race, so I had better put up or shut up.

My co-worker Jake and I were running together and our goal pace gave us a little bit of a cushion for us to break 44, if not get close to 43 minutes. Running with him was great. It helped having someone right there with you. The race started at about 7:15pm and it was still 30+ Celsius. It was scorching hot. The run started well and we were pacing perfectly for the first 6km. However, my stomach started to slosh at 4km and the heat from the road started coming through my shoes. I could seriously feel my feet starting to burn. I saw Sue and Darcy at the halfway turnaround and D said, "Hallllooo Daddy!" which was really helpful at that point. It was after the 6km point that I started to fade. The heat played a big role, but equally as big was the lack of water tables. If I'd known there wasn't going to be enough water, I would have had Sue throw me a bottle at the halfway point. She said that some other people were doing it. I really wish we would have known to think of that!

The course was set up as a 2.5km out & back (once for the 5km race, twice for the 10km race). The only water table was the 2km point. You go it at four times in all (2, 3, 7 & 8). So I drank at 3km but then had to wait until 7km for anything else. That was a really hard thing to do. After 6km my mouth was dry and it wasn't so much that I need a drink as much as I needed to get something wet into my mouth. I think there should have been another table at the 5km point. This is where Jake started to pull away. Just a few steps at a time, but by the time we reached 7km he had about ten seconds on me. The eight km was my slowest, but I worked through it and did well enough in the last two. I was eager for the ending and did not have anything left when I crossed the line. Very tired & sore, but satisfied. Finish time: 44:10 @ 4:25, 40/200, 8/21 in my age group. Results are here.

My splits look like this: (Goal: 43:20 @ 4:20)
4:33 - turnaround into the wind
4:17 - feet start to burn
4:15 - 21:46 first 5km
4:28 - really need something wet
4:37 - hard.
4:32 - where is the end?
4:30 - 22:22 second 5km
Finish (pictured): 44:10 @ 4:25

Friday, June 16, 2006

Training Snobs

As I've been putting more time into my training, I've been struck by something odd. There are a lot of training snobs out there. As I go biking or running, if I see someone else doing what I'm doing, more often then not, I'll give them a wave or a head bob or a hello. There are times that I get return gesture, but I can't believe the number of times that people won't even break their stare to glance over and smile. I know they see me. If we're biking, I know that I notice all the cyclists and look at what they're wearing and riding, and they don't??? If I'm running and someone is coming in the opposite direction and we both move over to make room, do they not see me wave? Is it just me, or do you people have some sort of notion that you're actually training for the Olympics? What is so serious that you can't glance over and crack a grin? Is it that my bike is too old, that my tires aren't super slim, that I have clip-in pedals, or that I don't run with an iPod? Seriously, I don't care how fast or slow you're going, how much better than me you are, or how expensive your bike is. The fact is, if you're "out there doing it" all the rest of us who are "out there doing it" know that actually getting out there can be the hardest part, so is it really going to kill you to encourage (or at least acknowledge) the effort that others are making?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Long run - 10 miles

This was my first ten miler. The first time I've hit double digits. And strangely, I was more intimidated by last week's 8 miler then this 10 miler. The start was tough, as usual, with tired legs from biking and the end of my training week. But my mile 3 things were going well. I took a new route tonight and that really makes time go by quickly. All the way from my place to the bridge and back. The first two miles were pretty boring, nothing to really look at, but once I hit the path by the river it was a really nice run. Lots of people out walking in the downtown plazas, taking in the nice night. I felt great at the half way point (5 miles in 42:12) and knew I could keep that pace up for the second half, if not a bit faster. Once I got to the last two miles, the boring ones, I was tired but motivated to finish strong, they ended up being two of my fastest ones. I did the last 5 miles in 41:11, so I was very happy to have done a negative split.

10 miles - 1:23:21 (8:20 avg.)

Overall, slower than planned, but like most long runs, this was all I had in me. I have an easy run on Thursday and then a 10km race Saturday night. I'm hoping for a PR of 43 minutes or under.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Speed work - mile repeats

Last night I did my speed work out for the week. Scheduled was 3 x 1600 @ 6:36 pace, with 2 minute recoveries in between. That's really fast for me. I knew I'd be able to do the first one, I knew I could probably struggle through the second one, and then I hoped to be able to suck it up and gut out the third one.

About a mile away from our place is the old Ford Test Track, a paved track that is a mile loop, so I ran there. Locals tell me that it hasn't been used since the 50's as an actual test track and since I've been here the city has re-developed the soccer fields and baseball diamonds on the infield. A lot of people ride their bikes, walk their dogs or just walk there. It's a really nice place to run and I'll go there for bike rides too, to avoid traffic.

My repeats went like this:
6:15 - too fast, but I gained some confidence knowing that I could run slower and still meet my goal.
6:35 - perfect.
6:33 - it hurt. The last 1/2 mile or so I got some pretty decent side stitches. I had to keep telling myself that it'd be over soon, just keep running. I was very happy with how it went. That's my hardest workout for a few weeks, so I'm glad to know that I'll be able to do what's ahead of me.

The only thing about running at FTT that bugs me is the people who are walking their dogs. First, at most entry points there are "doggy doo" bags. But I saw a few people letting their dogs fertilize the grass. Secondly, people who don't keep their dogs on leashes and let them chase you when you run past. And thirdly, people who have their dogs on leashes, but still let their dogs chase you. On my last lap, I came up on a mother and daughter walking their pug. They saw me coming and kept the dog close to them, I passed them wide, but the dog came over to take a look. When I looked back, the dog was right on my heels for about 20 feet or so. I guess until the extendable leash ran out. I know that this dog wouldn't have done any damage to me, but having a dog nip at your heels, isn't the most comfortable feeling ever. I'm not a dog owner, but isn't there some sort of etiquette about not letting your dog potentially bite someone?

Just my two cents.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I don't mean to alarm you...

Two years ago.

On June 4th, 2004, Sue had a doctors appointment and she was told that "nothing would happen anytime soon. We'll see you in two weeks." I was scheduled to play a solo Sunday morning, June 6th, and had been working to get it polished up. On June 5th, we had been out late for dinner at a friends place and came home to watch the overtime of the Stanley Cup Finals. After the game was over, Sue got up and went to the washroom. I started falling asleep, I remember thinking that Sue was taking FOREVER. "What on earth is she doing in there?" A minute later, she came out and crawled into bed. "I don't mean to alarm you, but I think my water broke."

How was that NOT supposed to alarm me!?

A little over 12 hours later, we had a daughter.

I don't mean to alarm you, but I think I have a two year old.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Long Run

I did my 8 miler. A stunning success, I wasn't sure how it was going to go. My legs felt heavy and the first two miles were slow, but I ran strong the rest of the way and finished it in 1:04:24, for an 8:03 average mile.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekly Recap

I did all my scheduled training this week. It ended up being over 300 minutes. Which is pretty big volume by my standards.

My track work was great again, this week I did 4 x 800, at 3:08 per interval. It made me remember why I loved running track in high school. The 800 is such a great distance. First lap, see what every one else is doing, second lap, crank it up and beat them. It was raining slightly during the first two repeats, but enough to be refreshing, not annoying. During the third repeat it poured. Like soaked to the bone drenched. By the forth repeat the sun was out. I hit all the intervals and managed to make the last one my fastest. Two miles (with recovery breaks) in 12:35.

This afternoon I went for a ride and found it to be too easy. I was going along at 30km/hr, but not even working, my heart rate was barely 100 bpm. I knew that that could only mean one thing: strong tailwind. So I knew not to expend any extra energy, because I'd need it going against the wind. When I turned around I knew that I had made the right choice. I was pushing to keep the speed at 25km/hr and my heart rate was over 145 bpm.

We'll see how this effects my run tomorrow. I'm going 8 miles (13 km), my longest so far. I hoping for something between 64-72 minutes.