Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekly Recap

I did all my scheduled training this week. It ended up being over 300 minutes. Which is pretty big volume by my standards.

My track work was great again, this week I did 4 x 800, at 3:08 per interval. It made me remember why I loved running track in high school. The 800 is such a great distance. First lap, see what every one else is doing, second lap, crank it up and beat them. It was raining slightly during the first two repeats, but enough to be refreshing, not annoying. During the third repeat it poured. Like soaked to the bone drenched. By the forth repeat the sun was out. I hit all the intervals and managed to make the last one my fastest. Two miles (with recovery breaks) in 12:35.

This afternoon I went for a ride and found it to be too easy. I was going along at 30km/hr, but not even working, my heart rate was barely 100 bpm. I knew that that could only mean one thing: strong tailwind. So I knew not to expend any extra energy, because I'd need it going against the wind. When I turned around I knew that I had made the right choice. I was pushing to keep the speed at 25km/hr and my heart rate was over 145 bpm.

We'll see how this effects my run tomorrow. I'm going 8 miles (13 km), my longest so far. I hoping for something between 64-72 minutes.

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Pioneer Woman said...

Dang. You must be one healthy dude!