Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long Run

Yesterday was my long run, a 6 miler. Nothing fancy or special about it, except the amount that I can sweat, done in about 50 minutes. Slower then planned, but it was crazy hot and super humid. I started at 8pm and it was still over 30C + humidity. I was dripping before I got through the first mile. I kept a steady 8:14 pace for the first three, then my left calf started to cramp (not surprising given the heat) and the last three were at 8:33. It's still a little tender today, weird. Nothing at all in my right Achilles, that's a good thing.

I've been giving my legs ice bathes for the last few nights. I take our biggest pot, fill it with cold water, add ice and then soak each leg for ten minutes, twice. Getting in is interesting / painful, but it's done wonders for working out the kinks from my lower legs and feet. Very refreshing after a hot run like yesterdays.


Bill & Gigi said...

This is all very fascinating.... but how about some news about Darcy. We haven't heard about any new vocabulary or behaviour, or whatever. Running, sport, and the likes of it are OK, but surely, most importantly, you should be keeping us informed about our favorite granddaughter.

nickt said...

Yeah, I could do that. But it would just be repeating what Sue has already told on her blog.