Friday, May 05, 2006

Not a pleasant post.

You may have heard, a Police Officer was shot and killed today in Windsor. It is the first time since 1957 that an Officer was killed in the line of duty and the first time EVER that one had been shot and killed. Disturbing.

What's more disturbing is that, according to Gmaps Pedometre, it happened 800 metres from our house. I kid you not. An intersection that I cross every day going to and from work, that I have driven, biked and run passed hundreds of times. Dad, this the intersection that you walked to for Chinese food last September. Because much of the area was cordoned off and they were still looking for a suspect, I took a different route home. When I came up our street, I noticed that our normally quiet street was really quiet. No one was around. No kids playing, no one sitting on their porches. Too quiet.

Even more disturbing, is that just as we were leaving to go to a friends house for dinner we saw our neighbour was out on her porch. We exchanged greetings, but you could tell she was upset. Earlier in the afternoon she had been on her way to write an exam and passed the spot literally a minute or two after it happened. Through her tears she told us how she saw him laying on the ground, blood gushing out of his head. She saw him moving on the ground, trying to get up, but unable to do so. She didn't know what had actually happened, she thought that maybe he'd been hit by a car. But she didn't have her cell phone, so was unable to do anything. That's the part that was killing her the most. "What if I had done something? What if I had a blanket in my car? What if I had my phone? No, he died alone on the sidewalk."


Lynn said...

That was so sad to hear on the news last night and today.

Even though I still don't know Windsor well, I thought the intersection mentioned sounded like one I had noticed on the way to your place.

Your poor neighbour. That's something no one ever wants to experience.

The officer's wife and kids....we can't even begin to imagine their thoughts and feelings.

And two 18 year olds are the suspects. How sad is that.

I'm disturbed by it, living 3 hrs away.

All very senseless, in my opinion.

nickt said...

Obviously, this is a big deal here. It's the first time in the 125 year history of the force that a cop got murdered. We went by the spot yesterday. There's a memorial forming, so we dropped off some flowers. The sidewalk has been cleaned, but you can still see the stain. I spoke with a cop who was there, just to say that we certainly appreciate the sacrifice that was made. With everything he said back to me, I could he was having a lot of trouble holding it together.

I've been thinking about what our neighbour (Cindy) is going through. They've said that there was no way that he would have survived his injury. So what's worse for Cindy, the guilt of not doing anything? Or if she had tried to help, the guilt of not being able to do enough?

Why said...

Did Cindy end up staying with the police officer while help was on its way? What a brave lady.

nickt said...

No, Cindy didn't know what had happened, she thought he had fallen down, not been shot. And he was a plain clothes cop, so no one knew who he was until later.

She knew she couldn't do anything, so she didn't stop. She was really feeling guilty about that.