Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rough Weekend

While not as rough as what the Police Officer's family is going through, we haven't had a good few days.

Darcy woke up at 3 am Saturday morning (Friday night) and had puked (we think her milk might have been a day past due). She then continued puking about every ten minutes until 4 am, when we realised that at this pace we run going to run out of sheets and sleepers in about 17 minutes. So there was a 4 am load of laundry, then I made a run to the 24 hour drug store at 4 am and had to drive right passed the spot where the cop was shot, there were already flowers. Then she puked about every 15 minutes until 5 am. By this point her stomach was empty and you could tell it was really hurting her to vomit. At 5 am she went about 20 minutes and then half an hour. Her last puke was around 5:45 am. She slept until almost 9 am, so did we. She ended up having a pretty good day yesterday, she ate a little lunch, had a long nap, played outside a little, had some supper, drank water and wasn't sick again. She slept about 12 1/2 hours.

This morning she and I had breakfast together. I gave her half a cup of milk and she seemed fine. Until we went upstairs to get Mommy. She puked on the stairs and then again twice more in the next half hour. She been begging me "Milk Dada? Water Dada? Apple Juice Dada?" all morning. She's just been cuddling up to me saying, "My tummy oww." No more pukes yet. NO more milk for a few days, that's for sure.

The scorecard looks like this so far:
Darcy's sheets: 4
Darcy's sleepers: 6
Sue's shirts: 2
Sue's pants: 2
Nick's shirts: 3
Nick's pants: 1
Carpets: 2


Stef said...

Poor little chicken. Give her a big hug from me.

Why said...

Ya gotta hate stomach flu. Poor little Darcy. I hope she's stopped barfing by now and I hope she managed to take a little water. You know the signs for dehydration, right???

nickt said...

Darcy's been fine since yesterday morning. As she says, "All done tummy." She drinking well and has had lots of wet diapers. No worries about dehydration. Her appetite is slowly coming back.

We, on the other hand, have been better. Sue got sick last night at 11pm, then every hour until 4am. That's when I took over driving the porcelain bus until 7:30 this morning. Darcy is better, but still not 100%, she flaked out with us in bed until 10, then I managed enough strength to take her to the babysitters, so that we could rest properly. We both slept solidly until around 1:30 pm. We're on the mend, but not 100% either. Darcy didn't eat much all day, but had a very good supper. Sue hasn't eaten anything yet and I've had some toast.

The worst is passed, but it'll take us all a few days to get back to normal.