Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm in the pool

This has nothing to do with swimming.

In April, I posted about the possibility of a new job. At the time, I was told that I wouldn't hear anything until June or July about whether or not I had passed the interview. Yesterday, a thin envelope came from them in the mail. I was out of town for an Exalt concert, so Sue had to stair at the letter all night. The suspense was killing her.

The letter was a "pleased to inform me" letter. While this doesn't guarantee that I'll be sent for the extended training or receive a job offer, it is a good sign. I've made it to the short list, now I need to get a couple of certified qualifications because having them "will expedite your future placement".

The waiting continues.

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Cliff said...

Great to hear it Nick.

I love interviews but i hate the waiting period. I just try to occupy myself as much as possbile so I don't htink about it.