Friday, May 19, 2006

The Black Lung

Remember when Zoolander gives up his brilliant career as a male model to go back home and work the coal mines with his father and brothers? Remember how after one day he was coughing and wheezing, thinking he'd contracted the dreaded "Black Lung"? Remember the weak little girl cough he had? Darcy tried that strategy on us yesterday.

Last night we had some running around to do and combined errands with dinner at the mall. Darcy and I always go to A&W, she likes the chicken fingers there (Mmmmm, Yummy, yummy!). Well, we'd forgotten to bring a cup for her, so we tried letting her drink a carton of chocolate milk through a straw (Mmmmm, chalk mak!). She did very well, not even spilling a drop. However, she discovered a really good way to scam her parents.

After coughing on a piece of chicken, we gave her some milk to drink. After that, every bite she took was followed by a couple of tiny little fake coughs and, "Chocolate milk, please?" (Chalk mak, pees?). I don't think she ever took more then a bite without 'needing' to have more milk to stave off the impending choke-fest.

My little drama queen.


Darcy's Mama said...

At least the motivation of more chocolate milk got her to eat a lot of chicken.

If she can manipulate us this easily when she's not even two, how are we ever going to survive her teen years?

Cliff said...


I just remember the next scene where they were in the bar and Zoolander told his dad..."I ain't a mermaid..i am a MERMAN"...hilarious..

Smart kid..must be the genes from her parents :0

Stef said...

Way to wrap your parents around your little fingers, Darcy!