Sunday, June 18, 2006

Moon in June - 10km race report

My goal going in was to beat my PR (43:46), I knew that was a lofty goal, but this was an "A" race, so I had better put up or shut up.

My co-worker Jake and I were running together and our goal pace gave us a little bit of a cushion for us to break 44, if not get close to 43 minutes. Running with him was great. It helped having someone right there with you. The race started at about 7:15pm and it was still 30+ Celsius. It was scorching hot. The run started well and we were pacing perfectly for the first 6km. However, my stomach started to slosh at 4km and the heat from the road started coming through my shoes. I could seriously feel my feet starting to burn. I saw Sue and Darcy at the halfway turnaround and D said, "Hallllooo Daddy!" which was really helpful at that point. It was after the 6km point that I started to fade. The heat played a big role, but equally as big was the lack of water tables. If I'd known there wasn't going to be enough water, I would have had Sue throw me a bottle at the halfway point. She said that some other people were doing it. I really wish we would have known to think of that!

The course was set up as a 2.5km out & back (once for the 5km race, twice for the 10km race). The only water table was the 2km point. You go it at four times in all (2, 3, 7 & 8). So I drank at 3km but then had to wait until 7km for anything else. That was a really hard thing to do. After 6km my mouth was dry and it wasn't so much that I need a drink as much as I needed to get something wet into my mouth. I think there should have been another table at the 5km point. This is where Jake started to pull away. Just a few steps at a time, but by the time we reached 7km he had about ten seconds on me. The eight km was my slowest, but I worked through it and did well enough in the last two. I was eager for the ending and did not have anything left when I crossed the line. Very tired & sore, but satisfied. Finish time: 44:10 @ 4:25, 40/200, 8/21 in my age group. Results are here.

My splits look like this: (Goal: 43:20 @ 4:20)
4:33 - turnaround into the wind
4:17 - feet start to burn
4:15 - 21:46 first 5km
4:28 - really need something wet
4:37 - hard.
4:32 - where is the end?
4:30 - 22:22 second 5km
Finish (pictured): 44:10 @ 4:25


Shelley said...

Sweet!! Way to go..and that heat was awful!!

Darcy's Mama said...

Yeah, it was hot. My ice cream was melting all over the place while I was watching you run. That was hard.

Stef said...

It sounds like you did well, despite the heat. Congrats!

Cliff said...

Yeah..wasn't it hot to go for a run :)..Good stuff.

10 km is tricky, you have to go fast off the bat.

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