Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Long run - 10 miles

This was my first ten miler. The first time I've hit double digits. And strangely, I was more intimidated by last week's 8 miler then this 10 miler. The start was tough, as usual, with tired legs from biking and the end of my training week. But my mile 3 things were going well. I took a new route tonight and that really makes time go by quickly. All the way from my place to the bridge and back. The first two miles were pretty boring, nothing to really look at, but once I hit the path by the river it was a really nice run. Lots of people out walking in the downtown plazas, taking in the nice night. I felt great at the half way point (5 miles in 42:12) and knew I could keep that pace up for the second half, if not a bit faster. Once I got to the last two miles, the boring ones, I was tired but motivated to finish strong, they ended up being two of my fastest ones. I did the last 5 miles in 41:11, so I was very happy to have done a negative split.

10 miles - 1:23:21 (8:20 avg.)

Overall, slower than planned, but like most long runs, this was all I had in me. I have an easy run on Thursday and then a 10km race Saturday night. I'm hoping for a PR of 43 minutes or under.


Krista Lavender said...

You're quick Nick! Excellent work! I'm really glad I'm not your running partner - you'd have me looking pretty pathetic! I like being pathetic on my own, it's not as noticeable to others! ;-)P

Cliff said...

That's strong Nick. Keep at it.