Saturday, June 18, 2005

Open for business

Well, I've been inspired by my two older siblings, Stef and Eric, to give this a shot. I played around with some links and settings. I'm pretty sure that I won't change the world with my cutting edge style or witty commentary, but hey, it's fun.

Right now I'm training for the Windsor Triathlon. It will be my first triathlon. On a good week I do almost 90km in training. Once I reach my goal for training, I should be close to 100km per week. Most of that comes from riding my bike to and from work almost everyday. I feel fit and my belt keeps getting pulled tighter, so something must be working!


erict said...

Hey, Nick. Welcome to the blogoshpere, bro!

Stef said...

Nick - cool! I look forward to reading this often!