Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Swim

I got LASIK done last September. Mostly because I hated wearing glasses anymore and couldn't stand contacts for very long. I knew that I would be more likely to be active, not having to worry about seeing what I was doing anymore. That has definitely been the case.

So I went swimming yesterday, with my goggles, because now I need to protect my eyes. It was a cold murky lake, weeds grabbing at my legs; the perfect environment. There weren't any distance marker, but I figure I went about forty metres, there and back, twice. About 160m total. But it was hard, even with goggles I still couldn't see anything. In the six weeks I have left I'm going to have to put a serious effort into finding time to get some lane swimming in.

I'm not expecting to win the event, or my age group. But, I don't want to do side-stroke for 700 out of 800m!

My goal for the triathlon is about 1:45, but if the swim goes bad I can see 2 hours. That would be brutal.

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