Monday, December 31, 2007

A Year in Recap

Let's all get sentimental on the last day of the year, time wasted or time well spent?

A little of both for me, but I won't complain.

It's been hard to keep a steady training schedule with my job, working rotating shifts doesn't help. This lack of training caught up to me in June with a pretty severe stress fracture of my left tibia. When I've tried running, the pain returned after about three weeks of light running. My left calf is still going through wierd perma-cramps, so I haven't been able run since June. It's been frustrating.

However, this year has seen some highlights for me. Trips to Bermuda and Ottawa, vacations to Montreal and Niagara. A new van. Oh there was something else...

Wesley. With his arrival I took parental leave from work and spent 14 weeks at home with Sue and the kids. It was the best time ever. Last year I had to be away from the family for 13 weeks of work training. That time away let me be at home this year.

I'll leave you his video to watch and wish you all a Happy New Year. Hopefully it ends on the same high note as Darcy does!


Stef said...

Too cute for words!

Shelley said...

Happy new years to you..hope it's a great year!

Why said...

Happy New Year to you all! Love the video; Darcy is just such a sweetie!