Monday, September 12, 2005


When people ask me what I do I just answer, "I'm a printer." Actually, I run the digital print department.

But what is digital printing? It's the next wave of print technology. Each year Xerox holds an awards competition for "Printing Innovation with Xerox Imaging" (PIXI). It is done throughout the world, this year we, DigiPrint, won the bronze for Monochrome & Highlight Colour.

This competition was for North and South America, printers from both continents entered and we were one of three Canadian companies to be recognized. Our owner, Lorne, and sales guy, Chris, went to Chicago this past weekend to accept the award. It is a really big deal in the print world. Xerox pulls out all the stops and throws quite a party. It's like the printing Oscars.

This is the second time in three years that DigiPrint has been recognized at these awards. In 2003 we received an Honorable Mention in the short-run digital category.

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