Monday, September 05, 2005


We caught the end of "Return of the Jedi" on TV the other night. You know the part when Luke is back with the Ewoks and he sees the vision of Ben, Yoda and Anakin? Well, in the version that I'm used to seeing, Anakin is of course an old man, just like the one we saw five minutes earlier when Luke takes off Darth Vader's helmet. Then Anakin dies.

George Lucas has committed a crime with a new edit at the end of "Return". Instead of having the old man Anakin appear with Ben and Yoda, the young Anakin appears. Hayden Christensen has now been inserted into a movie that was made when he was two years old. I said to Sue, "What's he doing there?" If I hadn't been laying in bed, I would have fallen on the floor.

George, you totally struck out with Episode I-III, why would you do and ruin VI as well?


ShortstoP said...

Can he really do that?! Believe it or not, but I have actually seen all of the Star Wars movies. (Yikes! I can't believe I actually admitted that.) Regardless, I agree with you in that he shouldn't have edited Episode VI and put Hayden Christensen in there. It doesn't make any sense! Why would he want to do that?! Oh my nerves. Haha!

Flatman said...

You'd think that H.C.'s bad acting in II and III would have been enough to sour Lucas' view of him forever, but nooooo, he had to go and do this.

Oh well, Empire Strikes Back is still the best!