Friday, December 16, 2005

Naughty and Nice

Sue found a cute little game to see if you are on which side of Santa's list you are on this year. She thinks it's faulty, because I ended up on the nice side.

This picture is indisputable visual proof that neither Sue, nor Darcy, were good enough this year. I'm shocked that they are the only two listed as naughty on the girls side.

Being born so close to Christmas and being named after St. Nicholas, gives me the inside track on this kind of stuff.


Colin: Kilts and Kippers! said...

YOU HAVE A BLOG?!! NO WAY!! Cool. I'll be sure to check it out. By the way, just in case, I want a pony, a hockey stick and a Red Rider BeeBee Gun.

Colin: Kilts and Kippers! said...

Oh, I've just read down, you've lost 30lbs ??!!! Good job, apparently training for something crazy like a triathlon is good for you.......I may look into it.

nickt said...

You'll shoot your eye out.

ShortstoP said...

Is decapitating an angel really bad enough to banish a little girl to the naughty list? Oh wait, that does sound pretty bad -- even if it was an accident, right?! Haha.
Have a great birthday and a Merry Christmas!