Sunday, December 04, 2005

Word of the week.

This is starting to feel like Sesame Street. But there's a reason for that.

This weekend's choice word was, "No." She answered that to every imginable question, including, "Darcy, do you want to eat chocolate?" "Noo."

She also came out with a few "Yeah!" at the right times. "Darcy do you want to go see your friend?" "Yeah!", and she clapped her hands.

But the winner of the word of the week award, for the second consecutive week, was "ELMO!"

I've seen more Elmo then I really care to, but there is nothing on earth that captures her attention like that little red monster.


Stef said...

Don't knock the monster that is Elmo. He has seen me through some tough times and stood by me, with unwavering loyalty. As far as I'm concerned, Elmo rocks my world.

Why said...

What about Ernie and Bert, Stef?

Melissa said...

Hey Nick...just wanted to say hello...It has been a long time!!Darcy looks and sounds adorable!!