Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hard Week

This has been a hard week. Darcy had a few break downs after her Papa left and Sue has to deal with it all herself. I just can't consider my being here to be fair to her, even in the smallest degree. I just really feel that I should be at home now. And on Tuesday I very nearly decided that it was time to pack things up and leave. Being away for 9 weeks has gotten to me and I want it to be over.

Fortunately, I have the most amazing classmates and several of them could tell that I was not myself before I even had the chance to tell them. We just know each other well enough to know when something is wrong. In the end I had a break down myself and again they were there to pick me up and to talk me away from the cliff. Some of the best advice someone gave me was, "If you quit now, you go home with nothing and this has all been a waste. If you stick it out, you go home with something. You've got to go home with something."

I'm feeling better about life, but still wish this was over. I had the first round of final exams today and feel that I totally rocked them. Two more weeks of learning, a week of exams, a week of orientation.


Anonymous said...

Hey Custy keep it up. The pain now will be worth it for the next 30 years.


Tracy said...

Man, you don't realize how fortunate Darcy is. You WILL be going home again. You WILL see her soon. She WILL get piles of hugs and kisses and stories and playtime with her daddy again very soon. Not all kids are fortunate enough to even know who their daddy is because he's NEVER around . . . I won't go on. I think you get the idea.

It will all be over soon Nick, and it won't take her too long to forget you were ever gone. Stay strong.

Shelley said...

Hang in there, a lot of people are pulling for's just like a're rounding the corner to the finish line, you can almost see it...before you'll be crossing that line and be so proud of yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Don't think about how long you've been away. Just concentrate on these last few remaining weeks. Study hard. Keep focused. You would hate yourself for a long time to come if you quit now.

Besides, whose to say Darcy wouldn't be going through some tough times even if you were home right now? Sue's dealing with it as best she can and of course is finding it hard, but she would only want you to see this through until the end.

Stick it out. Because I said so.

Lynn said...

Well, I think all the other commenters hit the nail on the head. I agree with them.

You've come this far, you can't be a quitter now! (I know, easy to say with a helpful husband at home in the evenings!)

Anonymous said...

Keep strong Nick you can do it.Just think of all those sldiers who are away from there families.Longer than you.You Sue and Darcy have been in our prayers.

Donna H.

Jake said...

Three more weeks man, you can do that. It might seem like she is never going to get over this, but in three weeks, it will all be over and you guys can start getting back to normal.

Sherri Lavender said...

You KNOW Glenn, Jonah and I can totally sympathize with you, Sue and Darcy on this matter. Tell Sue she can send me a venting email anytime! :o)



And besides, we NEED YOU at the border to let us back in!

Why said...

It broke my heart to read how miserable you are. You just hang in there, Nick. It will all be over soon and you can be proud of yourself.