Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A quick shout out to Glenn & Krista (Sue's cousins), who are running the Toronto Marathon this Sunday. Go get 'em! You've trained hard, now race harder. A few short, mind you possibly painful, hours is all that remains between you and a lifetime of bragging rights.

Also to my former co-worker Jake, who makes his run at a Boston qualifying time in Detroit on October 29. Have fun Jake, but don't forget to change your clock that night! It would sort of suck if you were an hour early (or would it be late? I never get it right). I seriously hope you make it. That would be amesome.


Darcy's Mama said...

Dude, did you just say "a quick shout out"????

Please tell me I read that wrong.

Krista Lavender said...

Yo, yo! Nick-to-the-T-to-the-Combe! ;-)P

Seriously, thank you Nick! Your support has been so helpful throughout my training! I'm looking forward to those few short hours being over! And being short, though somehow I think they may feel really, incredibly long! It's going to be a crazy weekend!

Good luck in Detroit Jake! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dude, did you say dude?

Thanks both Nick and Krista, and good luck to you Krista and Glenn. Marathons are an amazing experience and the high lasts for months, if not years. Only watch out, they're addictive.

nickt said...

Big congrats to Glenn (4:21) & Krista (4:43) for getting to the finish line! Awesome.