Thursday, November 02, 2006

No time to blog

I'm into the home stretch and I've barely had any time to read email, let alone think about blogging in the last week or so. The next week doesn't look any better. I write my final exams next Thursday and Friday.

Congrats go out to the recent marathoners, Glenn (4:21) and Krista (4:43) in Toronto and Jake (3:34!) in Detroit. Great job. Well deserved.

Since the stress level of the final exams is building in my life, I've taken to running on the treadmill (gasp!) to blow off steam. Tonight was an exceptional steam blowing session. Another new personal best: 5km in 19:44 (3:57/km or 6:21/mile). It felt good.

Hopefully after the exams of next week I'll have time to blog.

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Why said...

You've nearly done it, Nick! Hang in there and good luck on your exams! I'm sure you'll ace them.