Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Here we go again!

Yes, I haven't posted in a long time (Hi Neesha!). I know.

Not for lack of things happening, just lack of hours in the day. If you've read Sue's blog recently, you'll know and appreciate how Wesley is keeping us on our toes.

But this post is about me, not the kids.

I've been doing an okay job of biking, still using it as my main source of commuting to and from work. I also did a good job of rebuilding my running. I used a run/walk program. Building from 6 & 2 and got up to comfortable 10 & 1 sets. Every run was 'easy', no set pace to meet or beat. Just run and enjoy it. I did not want another injury like the stress fracture last year.

That was my own fault. I wasn't running regularly, I was building too much mileage and I was wearing the wrong shoes. It forced me to take a year off and I didn't enjoy that for a minute.

My goal this year was to run a 5km race at the end of July, but scheduling made that impossible. Since I couldn't run the race, I ran my own private 5km on July 30th and was quite comfortable with everything. But then, at the beginning of August I started getting tenderness in my right shin, then same kind I had last year in my left shin. I took about ten days off, while on vacation, and the tenderness disappeared. When I started up again I took a step back, ran slower, didn't run as far, really tried to not have the leg flare up again.

I took my time again building to 10 & 1 run/walk sets and was fine in the cardio department, but the leg was starting to hurt. The pain was exactly the same as last year, in the exact same spot, only on the right leg this time. I tried to ignore it, that didn't work. I tried to cut back and take it easier, that didn't work. I tried to deny that I was injured, that didn't work.

Last week I took a run and felt pain throughout the run. Last year I knew I couldn't ignore it any longer when it started to hurt when I walked. The morning after my last run, my leg hurt while walking. I let it get FAR worse last year, this time I know what's coming.

So I've made an appointment with my doctor. Last year I feel I wasted six weeks going for two x-rays and then finally a bone scan for what I already knew was broken. When I got a see a specialist my doc hadn't sent him any of the test results and seeing him was a complete waste and total frustration. Hopefully, we can skip some of the preliminary steps and go straight to a bone scan and then a quick consult with the specialist.

The problem with a stress fracture is that there is really nothing that you can do for it. Time is the only thing that will help the bone really heal. My left leg has had no pain or tenderness whatsoever. I think I'll be patient enough to let it heal properly. Hopefully both bones are stronger after the break and I'm done with stress fractures. They suck.

Oh, and Sue, I'll be buying new shoes.


Sue Titcombe said...

Good. Then I think I will buy some new shoes too.

I find it interesting that you felt this pain in August but the first I heard of it was last week!!!!

Neesha said...

Hi Nick! :D

Bummer about the let--hope you are feeling better soon!