Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not that I said I told you so, but...

I told you so.

Work auto-union, lose job.

Today's news featured two stories about the Windsor Assembly van plant shutting down for the equivalent of a week. Here is one. Here is the other.

Here's what I notice. In one breathe they were told that the shut down wouldn't happen. The next day, they were told it was going to happen. First they say it's for three weeks. Then they say that after three weeks they'll re-evaluate. In one breathe, they call say it's because of an over stock of parts. In the next breathe, they're saying that orders and demand are down.

So what do you believe?

The key, to me, is this line "The only reason they're not shutting the plant down entirely is they have a contract to build VWs."

What? A foreign car is saving a North American plant? "That's unpossible," to quote Ralph Wiggum.

Look, I don't think 4500 local people being out of work is good in any way. It's bad for all local business, it's bad for morale, it's bad for our local image, it's bad for our already dead housing market. It's bad.

But I told you so.

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Kona Shelley said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Nick! I hope I can run..the run..:-)) It's always been a struggle for me, but hey..I can always say I have experience..hee hee..take care!