Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shoe Lover

Shoe Lover
Shoe Lover,
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Clearly this girl has a thing for shoes. The picture was taken during the summer over at Auntie Jerilee's house. Darcy could have been playing with Auntie Jerilee, her most favorite person ever (because she doesn't make Darcy eat vegetables). Or Darcy could have been playing with her best friend Alisa, but she choose to spend about ten minutes trying to get Auntie Jerilee's garden shoe on. Once she'd get her foot in it, then she'd try to take a step. Her foot would of course come out and the whole process would start again.

Tonight while Sue and I were eating, Darcy started bringing Sue's shoes from the foyer into the living room. She would bring in one at a time and she made six trips. To my astonishment, when she was done there were three exact pairs of shoes in the living room. I didn't know she knew how to match shoes.

I see trouble ahead.


ShortstoP said...

A shoe lover! She's definitely a girl after my own heart!
And I'm pretty sure that being able to match shoes is an innate ability for girls! Haha.

Stef said...

Sweeeeet - can't wait 'til she's a teenager! Auntie Stef will take her shopping until she drops!

Why said...

Keep Darcy away from Auntie Stef! Repeat: KEEP DARCY AWAY FROM AUNTIE STEF!!!!

Flatman said...

You're screwed...

Darcy's Mama said...

We've had to lock up my purse behind the baby gate to keep her from emptying it on the floor, or else she likely would have had a purse to complete her outfits too.