Sunday, November 20, 2005

She did it!

Sue went out and ran 5 km yesterday! It was more than a km further than she's ever gone and probably ten minutes longer than her previous best. I was totally impressed. Since she started running last September, for the first time ever, she got close, but since going back to work she has struggled to find the time to keep things going. But she hasn't let herself get discouraged and has stuck with it. I am very proud of her. In two weeks she'll run her first official race, I can hardly wait to see her come across the line!

Oh, the other day I wrote that my goal for the weekend was to do a hard 5 km run and break 20 minutes. I meant to write that my goal was to break 21 minutes. I went out way too hard and suffered in laps 3 & 4, but brought it home strong in the last km to finish in 21:11, matching my previous best. I suffered partly because of the stupidly fast start and partly because I didn't fuel myself properly at all.


Wil said...

I love that you wrote the goal down! One of my favorite things to do : )

nickt said...

Yeah, I've got to put it in writing. It makes me accountable for a hard work out and in the end the suffering is a tiny bit easier to stomach.