Wednesday, November 16, 2005

'Tis the season

Windsor is typically warmer then the rest of Canada. That's one of the few things going we have going for us down here. That and being south of the US.

However, I saw, get ready for it, the dreaded 's-word', S N O W here today. It didn't last once it hit the ground, but I did it whisping along the ground in the wind a bunch. That looks nice, but I only appreciate it from the comfort of a vehicle. We're also getting a lot of US Thanksgiving hype here, which means that the Christmas season is almost officially here.

So this talk of snow has sent a pretty powerful message to me: Running outside in the winter is going to suck. The Santa Shuffle is 17 days away and it's only getting colder. Hopefully it's just initial shock of actually seeing snow and I'll get over it. But all I can think is that running outside in the winter is going to suck.

As an update for the race, Lorne (the owner) is in. He's been running for about six weeks now on his treadmill. He's started to do some outdoor runs, but has found them to be a lot more difficult. My schedule has a fast paced 5 km on Saturday, my goal is to break 20 minutes. I hope I feel more positive Saturday morning than I do now.


ShortstoP said...

Snow?! That's no good! I guess that means I'll actually need my winter coat at home! Oh how I appreciate the weather in the south.

Shelley said...

Why don't you run the Jingle Bells run in Essex Sunday a.m...starts at Ken Knapp Ford..lots of prizes..:-))

Stef said...

You can stop your whining about the snow. We had a veritable blizzard (ok, maybe not quite) here on Tuesday.

nickt said...

I wanted to run in Essex, but there's no possible way I can do the run and still make it to church. There's just no way I can miss at this time of year.

As for whining about the snow, after 'to marry Sue' the mild winters in Windsor was right near the top of my list of reasons to move away from Montreal. Here I can ride my bike for almost seven full months. There you can use snowshoes for almost that long.

Remember Stef, you lived in Mexico and moved back to Montreal. Who's the crazy one?