Friday, November 18, 2005

Stressed Out

This was a horrible week. Save for running home from work twice, there was no end to the stress. Work was beyond insane. Keeping up with Darcy is always crazy, then I went and left the diaper bag on the trunk while we drove away this morning. Insert your own descriptive adjective here. To top it off, our 2002 Neon needs about $700 of work. Insert another descriptive adjective here. I took it in for service last week and they found that two of the tires I had installed last October are worn out. They need to be replaced, the bushings on both lower control arms in the front suspension are worn out and those arms are sitting on the chassis. This isn't immediately dangerous, but causes the car to shake at high speeds (120 +) and is contributing to the premature tire wear. So I went to talk to the guy where I bought the tires, he said right away that they are worn from poor alingment and that he wouldn't get anything for them from warranty. My only option is to get two new tires. But unless I get the bushings fixed (a very labor intensive job) and get the wheels alinged, those tires will wear out prematurely again. I'm so glad that this is right before Sue's, my brother-in- law Steve's and my own birthdays. Not to mention Christmas. I guess I'll ask Sue for lower control arm bushings for my birthday, maybe she can stuff my stocking with new tires.

I'm really grateful for the days when I can run home. This week Thursday was particularly stressful and I even had to stay late at work, which is VERY rare (this makes 4 times in 6 years that that has happened). So I ran home, all stressed out and ready to hate the cold. It was an amazing release. My wind breaker kept me perfectly warm and I felt 100% less stressed when I got home. Too bad running every day isn't in the cards.

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