Thursday, July 27, 2006


So what do I think I'll run on Sunday?

Goal: Finish the race.
Must beat this time for my own pride: 1:45
I know I can beat this time is I run well: 1:40
If conditions are ideal would like to run: 1:35
The forecast is for 33C on Sunday. So if it's hot and sticky first thing in the morning, I'll run slower so that I don't totally fade in the second half. If things go well, I'd like to run the first half in 46 minutes and the second half in 50 minutes.

I've done my last short run already and will rest for the next two days (while travelling back home). My legs should be pretty fresh Sunday morning.
--- UPDATE: It is sorching hot here in Windsor, so I'm going to add at least five minutes to all of these. I'd rather finish on slowly on my feet than not at all.


Shelley said...

Just RUN!! Looking forward to meeting you..just look for the crazy lady running around..:-))

Anonymous said...

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