Thursday, July 06, 2006

Decision Time

Maybe you remember me writing that I might have to wait up to two years to hear about getting a new job, maybe not. Well, as I posted, I forwarded the last bit of paper work that they needed last Tuesday. I was ready to sit and wait for how ever long I needed. Well the wait wasn't very long. I had an offer emailed to me the very next day. So over the last week I've been in contact with them, getting info about where I'll be staying for 13 weeks (just outside of my home town Montreal), how the program runs, how if I fail one test I'm immediately sent home (yeah, no pressure!) and of course, when I'll be taking the program. I'll be in class M-F all day, but I'll have my evenings and weekends to myself. Which will be nice because I'll be able to spend time with my parents and sibs. I've been given two choices, neither are great, but I think I've made my decision. I can go from Aug 21-Nov 16 or Sept 5-Nov 30.

Two weeks difference that really makes no difference in the long run. If I go in August, I get to miss our anniversary. If I go in September, I get to miss Sue's birthday. Either way, I'm in the dog-house. The Sept option has a bit of an advantage. One of my goal races is the Montreal Triathlon (Olympic distance) on Sept 16. If I go in Aug it means that I'm going to lose almost a month's worth of biking and some crucial swims before race day, I could still do the race, but I wouldn't be satisfied giving it a half baked effort. If I go in Sept I can use the two weeks before the race to taper and be in great shape to give it my all on race day. What to do? This is where I've realized that the 'advantage' of going with the Sept option is actually a disadvantage.

I'm going there to train for a new career, not race a triathlon. I've got to be focused 100% on learning new material, not on how my training for an inconsequential race is progressing. If I don't do the triathlon this year, will I regret it? No, not at all. It would have been fun, but my life won't change either way. If I do the triathlon this year and get injured or fail a test because I was focused on the race and then lose my shot at a great career, will I regret that? Yes, forever. I cannot mess up this opportunity. I have to be focused for 13 weeks of intense learning and the triathlon will only be a distraction.

I'm going to go in August and not do the triathlon. It's not like the training I've done so far is wasted. I still have the 1/2 marathon at the end of July and the Windsor Triathlon in the middle of August, before I leave town.


Stef said...

Good for you, Nick. Not an easy decision to make but I bet once you made it, it was a relief.

Why said...

I second what your big sis said. After pondering over various things, it's a relief to finally make a decision. And it will definitely be the right one in the end. Good luck, Nick!