Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Feeling guilty

Darcy had a great week last week with Stef, but this week has noticed the difference with Stef gone. I can't help but feel guilty for putting Darcy through this stressful time. She's so young and she doesn't understand that I'm not there right now. She's at the point where she doesn't really want to talk to me on the phone. I think that's because she doesn't want to talk to me, she wants to see me, to play with me, she wants me to be there.

I know that if all goes well, this will really pay off in the end. But right now I feel like a pretty terrible father for forcing such trauma on her young little life.


Stef said...

You know, I think it's probably harder on you and Sue than on Darcy, even though it may seem like it's hard on her. This time next year Darcy won't remember a thing about the couple of months you were away, you will. I have often heard that kids are more resilient than "grown-ups" give them credit for, I would imagine this will apply for Darcy as well. Do what you can; love her, support her and it will all turn out OK in the end, I'm certain.

Lynn said...

I agree with Stef. Once you're home for good, it may take a month or two for Darcy to trust you're coming back every time you go out without her, but in a year, she won't remember.

You're still a good father, because you are thinking long term for your family. You saw a good opportunity for your family's future, and you went for it. It's unfortunate that this training period takes you away from them so long, but it will pay off in the long run.