Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back Home

I'm back home from my trip. No sunburn this time. Too much time spent sitting listening to lectures that don't apply to my job. But it beat working for a living, so I won't complain.

So far I have two takers on the run portion of the Windsor Tri, but no swimmers. Do I feel 'rock, paper, scissors' coming on to make the decision?

The race is Sunday, August 12th. It starts about 9 am, I think. The swim portion is the easiest 800m you'll ever have to swim. It's so shallow you could walk the entire way, in fact many people do. It's such an easy swim that somehow I was first in my age group last year. Seriously, if I can do that, then it can't be that hard. Consider it more of a water run.


glennlavender said...

Might be out of luck for an August 12th race. Looks like I won't be home that weekend. Booooo.

Sue Titcombe said...

I can use my huge belly as a flotation device and do the swim. I think I'm just the candidate you're looking for.

Stef said...

Geez, Aug. 12, eh? Too bad I'm hosting a pre-baby party for a friend. Otherwise I'd do the run for you ... ha, ha - as if!