Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things Change

I was at work today and got a phone call from Sue, it went a little like this.

"Hi, they're admitting me for a week."
"What? When?"
"Right now."
"I'm on my way."

So after a good report from her OB yesterday, she went for her scheduled checkup at the hospital today. Her fluid was too low and they called her doctor, the doctor spoke to Sue and had her admitted.

Right now, I don't know anything more than that. Stay tuned.

We've got help on the way, so we'll be covered for the next few days. I was going to take parental leave anyway, I may just have to take it early.


Why said...

Surprising news, after reading Sue's latest blog entry. I'll be thinking of you all and hoping things turn out OK.

Karen Allington said...


Let Sue know that we're thinking about her. I've been there. I, too, had very little fluid...(to spare the details - - mine was leaking). Anyway, she is in the best place possible and you can guarantee they will keep her closely monitored.

Just let her will be fine and that we're praying for her - - and for you, Darcy and, especially, that little baby.

Take it easy, Nick. She's in great hands.

Love ya lots.

Karen xo

Janice Brinson (cousin) said...

We are praying for you guys. Keep us posted.

"I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength".

Lots of Love and prayers to ALL.


Sherri Lavender said...

Yikes! Catching up on Sue's blog was like being on some sort of roller coaster! We will be praying for all of you!
Sherri & Glenn