Saturday, July 14, 2007

No real news

There's been no real change in the situation. Sue is resting and there's been minor improvement in some areas, but no where enough to warrant her going home. The possibility of her being in the hospital for six weeks or longer is very real.

That thought makes it pretty agonizing for everyone. She is going to lose her mind in that room, Darcy doesn't understand why Mom can't come home and I'm stretched pretty thin between being at home with Darcy, visiting Sue and having to go back to work. It reminds a lot of the time that I was away for job training for 13 weeks. Pretty brutal.

Sue's been in a ward room, with two other girls. And I mean girls. One girl is not playing with a full deck and the other, against the wish of her husband, parents, in-laws and doctor, checked herself out and went home to rest. But that benefited Sue because she was able to take over the empty spot and know has a window view, instead of a hallway view. The girl who's missing a few marbles has been in the hospital over a month and has a section scheduled for next week, so she won't be around for much longer. And, I guess because she's been there so long, so gets 'day passes' every now and again. She's out on one now, so Sue has the room to herself for a day or so.

As for me, I had a bone scan on my leg this past Monday. I should see my doctor to talk about the results in a week. I could see something on the scan, so I know there's definitely something wrong. Coupled with the current situation, any momentum I had built on the bike, waiting for my leg to heal is dead. My 'season' is over having completed one measly 5km race. Probably a pretty good time to have a stress fracture!


Why said...

When you say you saw something on the scan, do you mean like a break or something? Or something more sinister like a tumour? I hope it's something that can be fixed with no major problems.

nickt said...

Yeah, the thought of something other than a fracture had crossed my mind. One problem at a time, please.

Stef said...

Wish I could come sooner to help out, but maybe it's just as well that I'll come at the end of August. Oh well ... let me know if Sue needs more cookies ;)

Janice said...

Wow, I feel bad for all you. Not much good news coming lately, but God WILL see you through every challenge you face in your life.

Stay strong!

Melissa said...

Keep your chin up!! Remember when all this is over you will have two beautiful children!!!
Does Sue read any magazines or anything? Maybe I could send a care package.
Still praying!