Friday, July 13, 2007

Sue - update

Here's the latest.

She's been seen by two docs today. They both think that the lack of fluid is a sign that the placenta is not doing it's job properly. Which means the baby is probably not being nourished properly. Which means that the baby will probably be better off on the outside than the inside. The baby has developed fine, but is small.

They have not given any dates or time frames. Just that it looks like it'll most likely be a long hospital stay. Possibly until the baby is born.

Sue is fine, other than SERIOUS boredom. She's only allowed out of bed to use the washroom, so the days are going to be long ones.

That's all for now.


Lynn said...

That stinks for Sue!

I'm guessing the continuous monitoring is providing a bit of peace of mind though.

Why said...

Wow, I guess things are a bit stressful for you guys. What's going on with Darcy? Are you able to take time off now? Are the grandparents coming to help?