Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Family health updates

The waiting continues.

Sue had an ultrasound yesterday and the fluid was lower than before. We don't know what the cut off point is where the doc will say, "Alright, the baby is coming out." So hopefully it doesn't get much lower. She's got another ultra-sound tomorrow and should be able to see her doctor to answer some questions.

Darcy is doing fine. She's happy to have Grandmaman here and has enjoyed her visits to see mom. There's a little park on the grounds where she can run around, chase birds and squirrels and just be herself. I also took her for a follow up about her echo test and the doctor said that everything is fine. She has a "benign murmur". I supposed that's the best kind of murmur to get?

I should be following up with my doc about the bone scan some time this week. But I actually have to work all week. Crazy, I know. Then I've got to get "the big sister room" painted and set up before Titcombe #2 arrives. I'm off a few days next week, so I'll make sure to see my doc in between coats of paint.

Also in the good news column, one of Sue's roommates is moving out tomorrow for good. She's having her scheduled section. The 'hick' factor in the room should fall dramatically now.

Long day ahead. Bye.


Matt said...

Nick, hey, it's been a long time, hope you remember me. Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for Sue and the baby, and for you and Darcy as well. God loves to see his children blessed, and to hear praises to His name coming from our lips. I know that your family will have countless blessings to rejoice, so just remember to keep praising God through the storm. I also read that you were in Ottawa Canada day week, I'm living in Ottawa, going to Ottawa U. So next time you're in town look me up.

Mattie (aka Matthew) Kerr, formerly of Sarnia, ON

p.s. I have my home group and close friends praying for you as well: We've got you covered in the O-town.

Stef said...

Hick-factor ... ha, ha, ha. Just make sure it doesn't rub off on Sue ;)

nickt said...

Oh it gets better. Just after the hick factor was reduced, "tweedle A", the one who checked herself out against everyones wishes, was moved back into the room.

She had been re-admitted a few days ago, but was in such critical condition they couldn't put her in a regular room. Now she's stabilised, so she's in with the masses. We'll see how long she lasts before signing out again.

Tasha said...

Hey Nick,
I was just reading up on Sue's blog after a short break from blogs and I was so sorry to hear that things are getting rough for you guys. Just wanted you to know we'll be praying for you and I'll mention it at our cell group too.
God Bless You
Tasha & Gabe