Sunday, October 28, 2007

Auntie-Stef or Anti-Stef

Last night Darcy was playing with Alisa and they were talking about going to swimming lessons. The question was asked, "What do you wear?"

Darcy answered, "I wear my bathing suit. But sometimes grown ups don't wear clothes."
A concerned parent asked, "What do they wear then?"
Darcy calmly answered, "They go nudey."
The follow up question was asked, "Who told you that?"


A few questions need to be answered.

Is there any truth to this?
What is Auntie-Stef teaching my THREE year old?
Should her teachings, which include pudding bathes and the introduction to the word "CRAP", get her "Auntie" title changed to an "Anti" title?

Vote now.


Stef said...

Now just a second here! I am pretty darn sure I never mentioned anything about anybody going "nudey".

For the record, the pudding bath was your wife's idea - I just documented it with the camera.

Sue Titcombe said...

That's true, I take full responsibility for the idea of the pudding. It just got out of hand very quickly!

I wonder if Darcy was getting nudey swimming confused with bathing or showering? I'm just not sure how Auntie Stef's name got dragged into it.

Lynn said...

Hmmm. 'Anti Stef' would move me up a level! lol

Why said...

Don't worry about it Nick, this is what Aunties are for. I'm sure Kolina will appreciate some of Auntie Stef's make up and fashion tips when Stef's here at New Year's. I'm such an unhip mother.