Friday, October 19, 2007



Glenn finished the marathon in 3:31 and change. Another PR for him, by about 8-10 minutes. I'm very impressed and envious. Conditions were pretty much perfect, cool to start and then a good breeze when the sun got warm.

Awesome job.


Yes it's been a while.

Last time I posted about Jake running the Chicago marathon. If you didn't hear, it was a brutal experience for all of the 45,000 people who choose to run. Jake did finish in 3:59, quite amazing considering the circumstances.

Sunday is the Detroit Marathon. Sue's cousin Glenn is running it. It will be his fourth and he's really just looking to have a good time, nothing wrong with that. In January Glenn will be doing the "Goofy Challenge". That is where you run a half marathon (21.1km) on Saturday and then a full marathon (42.2km) on Sunday. It all takes place in Disney World, hence Goofy.

Anyway, good luck Glenn. Darcy was practicing her cheers tonight with some pretty enthusiastic flag waving to boot.

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Shelley said...

It's cool that you were there, wish I would have seen ya!!