Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Energizer Bunny

Even though Darcy went out as a Chicken this year, she could have been the Energizer Bunny. One of the local mall had stores doing trick or treating for little ones from 4-7pm today, so we met Alisa and her parents there and did a lap of the mall, filling the bag up so that Darcy was forced to drag it towards the end.

We were going to hit half a dozen houses on our street, but since it was such a nice night, we ended up doing almost the whole block. Again filling up her bucket to over flowing and she needed Dad to carry it at the end, it probably didn't help that someone put a full sized can of pop in there!

She was a trooper and didn't complain about anything, walked up all the stairs and said thank you to everyone. A few people she even struck up conversations with about their decorations. Not too surprisingly, A LOT of people commented on how cute she is and apparently that translates into A LOT of candy. We kept track of the candy we gave out (106 pieces) and I did a count of what she brought in (124 pieces, not counting what she ate at our neighbour while she was his 'helper'). Clearly she is good at this, too bad it only comes once a year. But fortunately for her, her father will try to get this loot to stretch out of the next 124 days, then we'll almost be half way to next year!


Why said...

Since when do people hand out tins of pop???

Sue Titcombe said...

So nothing interesting has happened in your life since Halloween?