Saturday, June 14, 2008

Race day

Not for me. Darcy ran the Kids' Dash of the local running shop's race series. She had done one in the spring of 2007, but it was frigid out and hardly felt like running weather. Tonight's 'race' was far more enjoyable.

There were huge crowds, but the organizers did a good job of keeping things on time and getting people to the right spot, especially when it was in a brand new location from other years and events.

Her race didn't consist of more than running around two sets of pylons and into the finish area, about 100m. Sue was going to run with her, but about 5 minutes before the race she announced that she wanted to run the race alone, with the other big kids. So she did. After a bit of a slow start, she took off and even though I could only see her back, I could tell she was smiling from ear to ear. When she came around the bend for the 'back stretch' her grin was ear to ear. She saw me and said, "I can't catch them!" But I told her to run hard and get to the finish line. Which is where she got her medal.

She seemed to take pleasure in the fact that this was HER race. Last time I ran with her and then did my own race, but today she was the only one running. So this is HER medal and she's very proud about earning it.

Me too.

Oh, pictures are here.

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