Friday, June 06, 2008

Time goes by too quickly

Somehow I have a four year old daughter. I don't really know how that happened. Seriously, how is Darcy four?

She was so excited all day. Right from the first thing out of her mouth this morning, "Is it my birthday now? Am I four now?" So we did everything in 'fours' today. Four more bites, four more minutes at the park, four stories for bedtime. And depending on who's team you're on four minutes for time-out. And despite all the excitement of the day she did manage to go through the whole day without getting one. Miracles do still happen.

In other news, please note that my running total has begun to increase in the right hand column. After I wrote my post the other day I was inspired and went for a run. It wasn't anything special. My legs felt the burn and I was pretty tired after TWO WHOLE MILES, but I ran (well it was run/walk of 4 minutes & 1 minutes, repeated four times) and I enjoyed a runner's high afterward, so it was worth it. The next morning my legs felt like they'd run ten miles instead of two, but I've got to (re)start somewhere. I went again tonight and am committing to find the time to run three times a week. I'm not planning on any races, but I need to be ready when the urge hits.

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