Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Flipping BLISTER!

During last Tuesday nights run (a PB 5km in 22:15), I developed one heel blister on each foot. The right foot was pretty minor, the left foot was a good blister.

I taped up the inside of my shoes and feet for my other runs and didn't have any further problems. Good.

It rained today, so I couldn't bike to work. After Darcy was in bed I went out for a brick. A 10km ride and a 5 km run. Well, 3.3km into the run I had to stop. I had torn the blister off my left foot. I decided that if it was bleeding then I would stop. If it wasn't bleeding I should probably still stop. It was bleeding and I was about a mile from home. So I took my shoe off and walked.

Fortunately a friend of ours lives right along the route I was going and he was out cutting his lawn. We chatted a bit and then he gave me a ride home, that was a good thing.

So I'm two and a half weeks out and I have an injury. That bites. "Bandaid" is supposed to have some good blister bandaids. Look for a review shortly.


ShortstoP said...

Yikes! A blister at this point in your training totally sucks. It's really too bad that you can't do the triathalon in the same shoes you wore for marching in the Tournament of Roses Parade, huh?! lol
Good luck with the rest of your training though! I'll be rooting for you!

Poop (Sarah) said...

Hey Nick. eeek! nothing worse than a blister to slow your training down. Better now than later into it , I would think? Oh, and you should ask my male travelling companion and I to shop for your bandaids for blisters. We're ridiculously well schooled in whats on the market now ! LOL :0)

nickt said...

I'm trying "Bandaid Advance Healing Blister" bandaids right now. Very comfortable under normal conditions, I haven't tried running yet.

I'll take any advice you have to give!