Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Her new trick

When it's hot, or not even that hot, Darcy is a sweaty little beast. She looks like an Olympic athlete after the race of her life. It just drips off of her.

Anyway, while we were in Montreal she was going down for a nap and I wasn't sure if leaving her shorts on over her diaper would make her too hot. So I opted to just put her down in her diaper. After a decent nap she woke up crying, which is fairly odd. When I went to get her I noticed there was an overwhelming scent of pee in the room. As I took the two steps from the doorway to the playpen I thought to myself, "Man, she must have really peed a lot ... why is my foot wet?"

My little genius daughter had opened up half of her diaper and peed all over. There was pee in the playpen and somehow she had peed up and out of the playpen on to the floor (until last June I thought that aiming your pee was strictly a male thing). Now you may be thinking that the pee had just soaked through the bottom and dripped out. No. There was a book right under where she had peed inside the playpen and it was completely dry. About six inches away from the playpen there was a puddle, that's what my foot was in.

I'm reminded of this story because this morning Darcy woke up just after 6am, about an hour early. After some fussing she calmed down, but I heard the distinct "RIIIIP" of the velcro tab being pulled off her diaper. I decided not to do anything about it and everyone stayed in bed. When I did get up and get her she was standing in her crib with her diaper again half pulled off. Fortunately her t-shirt was still on and that was holding everything in place. I'm pretty sure the reason she tried to pull her diaper off this morning is because she had done a nice big poop.

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Darcy's Mama said...

Can we archive this somewhere so that when she's 16 we show her the kind of things her Daddy wrote about her on the internet?