Saturday, July 30, 2005

A triple

Well I did all three sports this morning. I biked to the pool to warm up, swam 1km, did a 10km ride home and then the whole family went out for a jog (well Darcy took it easy and sat in her stroller).

It felt good. Going from the swim to bike was a good learning experience. I certainly didn't feel fresh on the bike, but was able to keep my speed around 30km/hr into a headwind the whole way. The run was at Sue's pace, which with her shorter legs was slower than mine. But that was also a good thing. My blister didn't flare up and my legs felt strong the whole time, not like the usual bricks. Now I'm thinking about taking the first km of the run portion really slow to get my legs to feel better. Hmm, something to think about for sure.

My blister was covered with a Bandaid Blister bandaid, then moleskin, then a sock. There is more moleskin inside my shoe. Hopefully things don't get bad again.

I also tried my nutrition strategy for race day. Regular breakfast and drink, then after the swim I had a "24 Carrot Energizer" drink that I use while on the master cleanser. This got me through the bike fine and then I'll just take water throughout the bike and run.

Two weeks tomorrow.

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