Thursday, August 04, 2005

Healing heel

The past two night I have run with no discomfort on my heel. They were both short runs, 3.2km, but better than no runs. I wore a blister bandaid under my sock and it did very well. Tuesday, however, I got a bit of a scare when I checked the bandaid after the run. It looked like another blister was forming right at the top of the bandaid. What actually happened is the bandaid had slipped down my foot and some of the glue was still where it had been applied. Once I peeled off the bandaid I was able to tell that there was no new blister forming and I just had to rub the glue off my foot.

I'm behind schedule, I had hoped to be running my race distance 6km by now, but my goal is to be back at full strength by the weekend.

Last weeks total were:
Swim: 1km
Bike: 113km
Run: 7.75km
Total: 121.75km

This is the last week of heavy training. My goals are:
Swim: 1km
Bike: 145km
Run: 20km
Total: 166km

Ten days.


Poop (Sarah) said...

Dont leave us hanging!!
How did you go on the weekend?!
Home stretch now into your final week, there better be details!!!

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