Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Old Peugeot

The Old Peugeot
The Old Peugeot,
originally uploaded by Titcombes.
This old bike (circa 1986) has served our family well. Since April 2005, it has been ridden over 1100km and will be my ride for the triathlon on Sunday.

This year I've updated some features. I got a computer for Christmas, bought a new seat, toe clips, bar tape and a clip-on aero bars.


erict said...

What a great bike. I can't believe she's still going. Nice job keeping her looking good, Nick.

Lots of good memories associated with her. Biking to Ste. Anne's, the Olympic Stadium, camp. I still remember where I bought her. It was a tiny little store on 6th or 7th Avenue in Lachine. It was the second big purchase of my lifetime, after the JVC ghetto-blaster I bought the year before (dual tape deck, triple-speed dubbing!!) which I only threw out last year when I moved. I paid for it delivering The Gazette and working at the variety store. Remember when kids were paper-boys?

And what about the original lock I bought for her? It was gold colored to match the text of the word Peugeot. Sweeeet :)

nickt said...

She's going great. Yesterday I set a new top speed record for myslef; 50.7 km/hr. That is flying.

You went to the Big O with her? That must have taken all day along city streets.

Next year I'll need new tires. I put new ones on when I moved here and this summer I've run them smooth.