Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ironman Canada

In case you didn't know, Ironman Canada take place this weekend. It's been held annually, for the last 22 years, in Penticton, B.C.

Five brave men from Windsor are participating this year. Two (Matt & Mark) of them were in the Windsor Triathlon and one (Mark) of those taught Sue's running class last year.

You can follow the progress of the race pretty much all day Saturday.


Darcy's Mama said...

How come we can't leave comments on today's blog?

nickt said...

The guys from Windsor did great!

Mark Kloppenburg, Sue's former teacher, finished 140th overall (out of more than 2200) and he will be on the podium, finishing third in his age group. His time was 10hr30min. OUTSTANDING!

I wanted to keep the anniversary post comment free. It's an option I can choose when posting.

Mark Kloppenburg said...

Hey Nick and Sue, I just stubbled onto your web page. Thanx for the comment about the Ironman!!